Mount Wilson Guest Observer Program

  Mount Wilson Institute announces a special program for guest observers
on the 100-inch telescope and adaptive optics system.
  Information regarding the telescope and performance of the adaptive
optics system can be obtained on the Web at
  Telescope time will be available without charge for proposals which are
approved by the MWI Time Allocation Committee.
  Proposals will be accepted until 1 May 1997 and should be sent to:
     Mary A. Cragg
     Mount Wilson Institute
     740 Holladay Road, Pasadena, CA 91106
e-mail: mwi@mtwilson.edu

Haystack Observatory Call for Proposals
Haystack Observatory invites proposals for the use of the 37-m
radio telescope for observations in the following wavelength bands:
3-mm (85-115 GHz)
7-mm (35-49 GHz)
1.3 cm (21-25 GHz)
All available time for radio astronomy will be allocated on the basis of
scientific merit and suitability to the instrumentation, and visitors
will be expected to operate the telescope for their observations.
Information about the capability and operations of the Haystack telescope
and procedures for proposal submission are available on the Observatory
Question regarding proposals and operations may be addressed to:
Deadlines for submission of proposals are 1 January 1997 and 1 April 1997.

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