1998-99 .

(3rd ISCC) Kunming, China, Oct. 7-12, 1998

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 3rd ISCC, I welcome you to Kunming and invite your participation in the 3rd ISCC to be held at Kunming, Yunnan, China, on October 7-12, 1998.

The theme of this symposium is "Recent advances in chronobiology and chronomedicine in the world". We are proud of the contributions to chronobiology by scientists in our part of the world. I am convinced that we cannot possibly succeed in our task unless you come to present your own work, and join in the discussions on problems that we face as scientists in this region.

A document issued by the Sichuan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, which will help you obtain a visa to China, will be mailed by this office.

I am confident that you will find the scientific program stimulating.

I look forward to meeting you in October 1998.

Zhennan (Z.N.) Xue, M.D.
President, Organizing Committee

Chinese Organizing Society of Chronobiology and Chronomedicine International Society for Chronobiology
ARRANGED BY: West China University of Medical Sciences Yunnan University of Normal Education

  • President: Z.N. Xue
  • Deputy President: J.C. Li, Z.Y. Shu, K.Y. Song, W. Tian
  • Secretary in Chief: K.Y. Song
  • Deputy Secretary in Chief: T.L. Chou, X.S. Sen, X.G. Yu, H.L. Lou
  • Sub-Committee Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen:
  • Scientific: N.L. Lou
  • Administration: J. Xiao


  • President: Dr. F. Halberg (USA)
  • Deputy President: Dr. F. Carandente (Italy); Dr. M.K. Candrashekard (India); Dr. H. Kawamura (Japan); Dr. L.N. Edmunds (USA); Dr. K.Y. Song (China); Dr. T.L. Chou (China); Dr. Z.Y. Zhao (China)


  1. Site of Symposium:
    Kunming is the provincial capital of Yunnan Province. Kunming is a quiet, clean, beautiful city with four seasons of spring.
  2. Introduction for short papers:
    Deadline for receipt of short papers is Dec. 31, 1997, because your paper should be translated into Chinese by us. After this deadline, your short papers are also accepted. Short papers must be written in English and should contain no more than 2 pages of B4. They should be clearly typewritten in any format that will permit electronic scanning. Drawings, graphics or tables are permitted. In the first paragraph type the title in capital letters. In a new paragraph list author(s) by surname followed by initials. Following on the same line, give the name of the institution, city and country. Starting in a new paragraph, organize the body of the paper.
    Short papers are sent to Dr. Z.N. Xue.
  3. About registration:
    Participant registration includes all scientific sessions, one copy of the proceedings, and all social functions: opening ceremony and reception, farewell banquet and tour to Shing (stone forest), transportation to Yunnan University of Normal Education. Companion registration includes all social functions.
    Deadline for registration: May 15, 1998
    Another famous sight is West Mountain. This tour is arranged for October 13; the fee is to be paid by yourself, $50 per person.
  4. Suggestion about entry:
    Participants are advised to enter China via Hong Kong, from which flights leave daily for Kunming.
  5. On arrival:
    The Welcome Desk of the 3rd ISSC will be located in the arrival hall of Kunming Airport on Oct. 6, 1998, to assist arriving participants. Transportation to Yunnan University of Normal Education is arranged at the Welcome Desk. If necessary, please transmit us your arrival time and date by fax or TLX. Special transportation will be arranged.
  6. Departure air tickets:
    Departure air tickets should be reconfirmed at the registration desk. The Symposium Secretariat will help reconfirm CAAC air tickets.
  7. Payment of fees:
    An official bank check must be made out to Dr. Z.N. Xue for your registration fee of U.S. $300 before May 15, 1997, with the registration form. Late registration (after May 15, 1997) costs U.S. $400. Provided notice of 5% of the registration fee will be refunded. No refunds of registration fees will be made if cancellation is received after July 15, 1998.
  8. Address of Dr. Z.N. Xue:
    Biomedical Engineering Unit
    West China University of Medical Sciences
    Chengdu, Sichuan 610041, China
    Tel: 86-028-5501287
    Fax: 86-028-583252
    E-mail: Chq@iris.imicams.ac.cn
    Kunming, China, October 7-12, 1998
    This form should be typewritten
    Title (tick): Prof. _ Dr. _ Mr. _ Mrs. _ Miss _ Ms. _
    Surname: _____________________ Given name(s): ______________________
    Address: ___________________________________________________________
    Country: _____________________ Nationality: ________________________
    Title (tick): Prof. _ Dr. _ Mr. _ Mrs. _ Miss _ Ms. _
    Surname: _____________________ Given name(s): ______________________
    Country: _____________________ Nationality: ________________________
    Registration fees:
    Participant  Companion  N of companions  Amount
    U.S. $300    U.S. $150
    University Guest House of Yunnan University of Normal Education:
    Single room  Double room (tick) __    N of guests      Amount
    U.S. $250    U.S. $350
    The fee includes hotel rate for 5 nights (Oct. 7-12). Cost of meals
    is not included. Daily cost of meals is about U.S. $10-20.