J E N A M - 2000 Moscow
Russia, May 29 - June 3, 2000
Second Announcement

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to confirm that the JENAM-2000 meeting will take place in Moscow, Russia, in May 29 - June 3, 2000. The results of pre-registration show that there is a substantial number (about 500) of astronomers who would like to take part in this meeting. Please excuse the LOC for the delay in the 2nd Announcement circulation. As a result of the delay, the LOC postpones the deadline for early registration on to March 15.

The participants should complete some or all the three forms:
1. Registration form
2. Visa support form
3. Payment form.

Registration form. You can submit it through the Web-page (highly desirable) URL: http//www.inasan.rssi.ru/INASAN/JENAM

or you can fill in the version attached to this announcement, and submit by e-mail at special address:

Please, keep in mind: this address differs from that at which inquiries to JENAM-2000 SOC/LOC should be directed.

Visa support form (if necessary). See section VIII. VISA SUPPORT for instructions.

Payment form. There are two versions of the form: for participants from New Independent States (NIS, i.e. those from CIS and Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and for non-NIS participants. You can download relevant PS-file from the Web-pages or find enclosed ASCII version. Please, print it out, complete, sign and send by ordinary mail or fax as indicated in the form.

We remind you of important dates:

March 15, 2000: deadline for early (reduced) registration fees payment (moved from Feb. 29 indicated in the 1st Announcement);

March 15, 2000: deadline for abstract submission and financial assistance requests.

Those who are interested in participating in associated colloquia/symposia and long-distance tours are requested to directly contact the corresponding organizers for more detailed information. Please, visit JENAM-2000 Web-pages http://www.inasan.rssi.ru/INASAN/JENAM , http://www.sai.msu.su/jenamhttp://www.aip.fr/eas/meetings.htm for news and additional details about JENAM and associated events planning. For news check the item "News" of the Web-pages.

In case you have any questions, please, contact the organizers at:
JENAM-2000, Sternberg Astronomical Institute,
13, Universitetskij prosp. 119899 Moscow Russia
TEL/FAX: +7 095 9328844
e-mail: jenam@sai.msu.su
(please mention JENAM in the Subject line)

Looking forward to seeing you in Moscow LOC, JENAM-2000


JOINT EUROPEAN AND NATIONAL ASTRONOMICAL MEETING (JENAM-2000) Moscow (Russia), May 29 - June 3, 2000 and associated scientific meetings

Deadline MARCH 27, 2000

Dear colleagues,

This is to remind you that if you are inclined to participate in JENAM2000 and/or associated colloquia/symposia, YOU HAVE TO REGISTER ELECTRONICALLY BEFORE MARCH 27, 2000 no matter whether you have or have not already indicated you interest to the Meeting by submitting you Pre-registration Form.

Tentative participants of the main meeting and/or attached events should register on-line through the web-pages

URL: http//www.inasan.rssi.ru/INASAN/JENAM , http://www.sai.msu.su/jenam

or you can fill in the version attached to this message, and submit by e-mail at special address: (don't mistake it for the address for questions to SOC/LOC!).

Please, mind: March 27 is the deadline for
- early registration (with reduced registration fee)
- application for financial assistance
- submission of ABSTRACTS for publication in JENAM2000 Abstract Book,
that will include the abstracts of presentations to Meeting
scientific sections and attached events approved by the SOCs of events.

To the attention of young scientists (younger than 35 yrs):
Please, keep in mind, that besides the Meeting LOC that has certain limited funds for financial assistance to young JENAM2000 participants, financial support may be granted by
- INTAS (to young scientists involved in INTAS-supported programs)
- FTSP "Governmental Support of Integration of Higher Education and Basic Science"
- some other foundations

If you have problems with downloading the forms, please, notify us: we shall forward the forms to you.

Please, circulate this information among your colleagues as fast and wide as you can.

JENAM2000 Organizing Committee